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Intercept X Free Trial

Sophos Intercept X adds next-gen capabilities to your current endpoint protection. This 30-day free trial of intercept X stops all forms of ransomware, protects from advanced threats, provides root cause analysis and instantly removes malware.

Intercept X Overview Video

View this two minute video of Intercept X to understand how Intercept X protects your customers from ransomware and advanced threats.

How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware

Ransomware threats like WannaCry are on the rise, targeting organizations of all sizes. This paper explains how these attacks work, and why a large number of new infections continue to surface despite existing protective measures. It also provides practical short- and long-term steps that organizations should take to protect against them.

Sophos MSP Connect

With Sophos MSP Connect, say goodbye to managing complex security from multiple vendors and embrace the power of one. With one vendor, one program and one security portfolio, you can provide your customers with proven and comprehensive protection that is managed from one simple management platform. We make it easy to deploy, manage and sell new security services, growing your revenue and lowering your costs.